Special services for pharmaceutical companies and related industries

Chemical-Technical Products

Take advantage of our experience in the following areas:

Engineering and economics

  • Facility design and layout utilising 3D CAD
  • Tendering and acquisition of facilities
  • Assessment of demands
  • Compilation of requirement specifications
  • Development of extension strategies
  • Modernisation and reconstruction
  • Optimisation of manufacturing pocesses
  • Product development
  • Product transfer
  • Project management
  • Qualification of facilities
  • Optimization of formulations
  • Support in implementing licensing requirements and orders
  • Calculation of profitability

Sales & Marketing

  • Development of marketing concepts
  • Creation of promotion material
  • Support for your sales team as interim or long-term sales-representative
  • Support of organizing exhibitions, meetings and lectures
  • Arrangement of contract manufacturers for production and packaging


  • Analysis and strategy development
  • Due Diligence testings
  • Calculation of profitability

Quality assurance

  • Installation, adaptation and updating of quality assurance systems
  • Compilation of qualification documentation
  • In-house training
  • Worldwide audit of suppliers